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Community Place+ is for everyone and is wherever you are!!

Community Place+ is a universal community of action founded in love, acceptance and equality.  It is a dynamic social gathering made up of people around the world who are dedicated to building community wherever they find themselves.


Our goal is to provide a community of support where we all can find a place of acceptance. A place where, just like at camp, you know you belong, where there are others who have similar passions, similar challenges, similar concerns, and similar needs. Where others, are also seeking a measure of personal and spiritual growth.  Where you will find people there are friends that have learned experiences and are willing to share with those experiences and support us in our need.

Community Place+ is a safe space for ALL, regardless of where you are in your personal journey, a place where people feel comfortable, where people can invite; their friends, their family, and themselves into a gathering of support and compassion.


Community Place+ is rooted in the Camping Community Experience, an experience that began approximately 50 years ago within the Community of Christ church. It is a concept we have refined over the last 8 years, for camp to become a Life Experience and not just a yearly event.


Community Place+ designs and facilitates leadership development, which has resulted in doubling the population and participation in the camping program in Canada East and in community involvement. We are a grassroots program born out of the entrepreneurial spiritual expression of young leaders in Community of Christ.


Community Place+ is for everyone and is wherever you are!! We put a strong emphasis on inviting those who do not currently have a community where they belong. Our objective is to reach those who are looking for a Spiritual Connection. We want to create a home for those that don’t currently have a home congregation or place in a church. A safe space for ALL that people feel comfortable inviting their friends and family.


Community Place+ - what it means to me...

Dan Hotchkiss of the Alban Institute states,

"The owner of a congregation is its mission, a social organization exists to serve."


The confusing part about faith, church and religion is that people assume that these are all one and the same. The exciting part is that they don’t need to be. You can live your faith out in the world in an expression of freedom and happiness when surrounded by sorrow and tragedy by helping those who need it.


What does truly matter in your life? Well that really depends on you and your dreams in life.

In Community Place+ it is people that matter, people in their entirety - their brokenness and their greatness. We want to live in relationship with people, helping where is needed and living the joy that they are living. Community Place+ wants to engage people in a way that brings out the best in them and inspires them to discover their spiritual self.

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