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John Morgan

John graduated High School back in the seventies and never looked back. He spent 19 years managing a busy automotive detailing, washing and refueling business and during that time, in his capacity as an employer, developed a passion for helping youth and young adults to find their way.


Throughout his career in small business management, John has counselled at youth camps and directed retreats. With 35 years of Senior High camps under his belt, John feels pretty comfortable with young people whether it’s teaching a class, leading a canoe trip or planning and presiding over a worship service.John is also involved with several non-profit housing projects as a director and champion and is on the founding directorship team of Community Place+, an inter-generational program designed to bring a unique community building experience to young adults. John’s noticed that many young adults  do not relate well to the congregational model of church but participate actively through the summer and weekend camping programs of Community of Christ. For John,

Community Place+ is a fresh new way of being together in community and connecting at a deep spiritual and emotional level.


John has been involved with three home and school building projects in Honduras and Guatemala under the programs of World Accord, an international community development organization and has plans to return this winter for another two week project.


John has two adult children, a son in college and a daughter enjoying the natural beauty and physical challenges of the Rocky Mountains in British Columbia.

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