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Danica Withrow

Danica holds a Bachelor of Applied Arts degree in Media Communications and a Diploma in Digital Communications from the University of Guelph-Humber. After her graduation in 2014, Danica began a career at Ryerson University in the Athletics Department, first as a Community Engagement and Events Assistant, and currently as the Athletic Events Specialist.


As a regular attendee of Canada East Mission camps since she was a young girl, Danica joined the Sr. High Camp Leadership team at the age of 18, following her final week as a camper. After building leadership skills as a Leader in Training, and then as a staff member, she became a Sr. High Camp Community Director in 2013. For two years, Danica directed the Thanksgiving Retreat with her partner, Shaun, and she has provided guest ministry at the CWM Camp Community in both 2013 and 2014.


Danica is on the founding directorship team of Community Place+, applying her experience in the camping program and her media studies education to create a year-long camping community inspired by love, acceptance, and equality. She values the importance of growing up within the strength of a loving community and, through Community Place+, Danica strives to provide meaningful opportunities for all ages to connect and learn from one another.


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