John Morgan

John graduated High School back in the seventies and never looked back. He spent 19 years managing a busy automotive detailing, washing and refuelling business and during that time, in his capacity as an employer, developed a passion for helping youth and young adults to find their way. Throughout his career in small business management, John has counselled at youth camps and directed retreats. With 35 years of Senior High camps under his belt, John feels pretty comfortable with young people whether it’s teaching a class, leading a canoe trip or planning and presiding over a worship service.John is also involved with several non-profit housing projects as a director and champion and is on the founding directorship team of Community Place+, an intergenerational program designed to bring a unique community building experience to young adults. John’s noticed that many young adults  do not relate well to the congregational model of church but participate actively through the summer and weekend camping programs of Community of Christ. For John, Community Place+ is a fresh new way of being together in community and connecting at a deep spiritual and emotional level.John has been involved with three home and school building projects in Honduras and Guatemala under the programs of World Accord, an international community development organization and has plans to return this winter for another two week project.John has two adult children, a son in college and a daughter enjoying the natural beauty and physical challenges of the Rocky Mountains in British Columbia.

Regan Ross

Regan is currently working towards completing her Bachelor of Arts, Honours in Child and Youth Studies at Wilfrid Laurier University and is expected to graduate with the class of 2017. Her dream job is to become a Child Life Specialist at a children’s hospital.


Regan has been an active camper since the age of 6 and has attended many different youth camps. Her first year at Sr. High camp was in 2010, where she found her passion for community building. Through her camper, years, she was always willing to help where she could. In the summer of 2014, Regan became a leader-in-training, and most recently, has been working very closely with the Sr. High leadership team and has enjoyed every minute of it.


Regan is one of the newest members of the Community Place+ team. She is eager to share her ideas, enthusiasm, and vision in the camping community and to learn from the visions of others. She shares the passion for love, acceptance, and equality, and is honoured to join the team.

Jordan Shepherdson

A veteran of the Canada East Mission (CEM) program, Jordan first began attending camp at age 14, transitioning naturally into a leadership position at age 18. From there, Jordan continued to become one of the prominent young leaders within CEM, as the Director of Sr. High Camp in 2013.


Building on the momentum of the Sr. High Camp program, Jordan is a founding member of the Community Place+ team. With a mind for business, Jordan holds the position of Business Manager on the team, providing guidance and insight where applicable.  He values providing experiences that are fun, meaningful, and unique from other events.


With a degree in Honours Criminology and a diploma in Police Foundations, by profession, Jordan is a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist with a major international bank. He lives in Whitby with his wife Keira and their cats and in his spare time plays guitar in up-and-coming Toronto indie band Paint. Check them out!

Bryce Taylor

Bryce Taylor, a registered social worker, has a MSW (U of T) in Community Development from the University of Toronto and is the founding C.E.O. of the Sionito Group of Charities that operate three social housing projects in Toronto, ( ) all sponsored by the Community of Christ, ( ) in which he is an ordained minister. In this capacity, Bryce took a failed CMHC social housing project, negotiated a new mandate and brought it back into the social service community as a productive 84 unit residence serving high maintenance seniors with psychiatric and addiction challenges. Building intentional, compassionate communities of mutual support and encouragement, capable of increasing the life-ability of each member in their community is his passion. He refers to his housing projects as 'Jesus sanctuaries', truly deserving of the name. One avenue of expression for his passion is Community Place+ focused on allowing youth to experience community often for the first time, as well as serving the Canada East Mission ( ) as counsellor to the President and serving on the Pastorate of the GTA West congregation ( ). Bryce has been the honored recipient of many citations for his community service work, including the Governor General of Canada Commemorative Medal. His motto is simply, 'what the world needs now is more community.'

Tiona Taylor

Tiona holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in International Development and Cultural Anthropology from the University of Toronto. Over the last decade she has worked in various capacities in management. Firstly, at a private elementary school and secondly, at a residence dedicated to increasing the life ability of 84 impoverished seniors and street people with mental health challenges. Presently, she is a manager within the athletic department of Ryerson University in Toronto with a focus on helping athletic majors maintain their academic standards. In all of her management responsibilities she brings a grass roots, community building focus to organizational settings. This is her mission in life.


Concurrently, with the above position Tiona is involved in several Community of Christ community building programs. She directs the Canadian arm of Graceland’s Sports Spectacular, a program which takes teens from Canada to an annual sports and faith building event at Graceland University. For the last 7 years she has with her partner, Alfredo Zelaya, built a camp directorship team and supported them as they learned to program for and administer the Senior High Camp for Community of Christ in Ontario. This community building team has tripled the number of campers and staff at this camp. 


Tiona has been involved with over five home and school building expeditions to Honduras under the programs of World Accord, an international community development organization.


At home Tiona and Alfredo lead a quiet life as they have two young children, Lohen and Rhylan, who do all the talking.


Danica holds a Bachelor of Applied Arts degree in Media Communications and a Diploma in Digital Communications from the University of Guelph-Humber. After her graduation in 2014, Danica began a career at Ryerson University in the Athletics Department, first as a Community Engagement and Events Assistant, and currently as the Athletic Events Specialist.


As a regular attendee of Canada East Mission camps since she was a young girl, Danica joined the Sr. High Camp Leadership team at the age of 18, following her final week as a camper. After building leadership skills as a Leader in Training, and then as a staff member, she became a Sr. High Camp Community Director in 2013. For two years, Danica directed the Thanksgiving Retreat with her partner, Shaun, and she has provided guest ministry at the CWM Camp Community in both 2013 and 2014.


Danica is on the founding directorship team of Community Place+, applying her experience in the camping program and her media studies education to create a year-long camping community inspired by love, acceptance, and equality. She values the importance of growing up within the strength of a loving community and, through Community Place+, Danica strives to provide meaningful opportunities for all ages to connect and learn from one another.


Danica and Shaun live together in Oshawa, Ontario, where she enjoys outdoor adventures, pretending she knows how to cook, and binge watching shows on Netflix.


Shaun is a university graduate (Bachelor of Arts - Honours History) and a TELUS employee of 8 years and counting. Starting as a Sales Representative in a corporate store for five years, Shaun has moved in to office positions, starting as a system tester, and working his way up to Project Manager. In his current role, Shaun is responsible for rolling out new and improved systems to stores for internal use.


Shaun joined the Sr. High Camp Community Leadership team at 22 as head of videography, and in the years since has taken on the directorial role for two Thanksgiving Retreats and one Sr. High Camp along with his partner, Danica, and others. As a founding member of Community Place+, Shaun heads all initiatives to do with technology, including video, live streaming, web conferences, sound, and any research and development opportunities.


Shaun is passionate about helping Community Place+ partners and members adopt and fully realize the advantages of the digital age. He is always willing and available to help congregations, and any other groups, choose and install the technology that’s right for them.


In his free time, you can find Shaun almost exclusively on the couch playing video games or watching TV.  

Alfredo Zelaya Martinez

Alfredo is currently a pastor for the GTA West congregation and works with the Canada East Mission Centre (CEM) of Community of Christ. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from York University in Toronto and over the last twenty years has been employed as a Principal of a private school, a personal care worker with developmentally delayed children, and as the Inter-school Sports Director for a group of private elementary schools. Using his native language, Spanish, Alfredo has joined World Accord as a translator and group leader for projects in Honduras. 


His first love however, is being a part of the team leading the Sr. High Camp Community program of CEM. Over the last 8 years, Alfredo, his partner Tiona, and their team have tripled the size of the camp and professionalized the program, adding a strong leadership development focus. Along with a team of young adult leaders from this leadership development program, Alfredo recently co-founded Community Place+. This is an intergenerational program designed to bring a community building experience to those who will never relate well to the Sunday morning worship models, by exploring new ways of being in community within the Community of Christ. In 2014 and 2015, he shared this message in Australia leading to the implementation of Community Plus.


Alfredo is an active participant in all types of sports and enjoys both summer and winter camping expeditions. He and Tiona have two young children, Lohen and Rhylan, inspiring their lives and keeping them busy. However, they still have time to help anyone who needs an encouraging word or who is searching for a supportive community to join. 


Alfredo’s personal motto is “get busy living…."

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